get paid by shrinking links

lyt.fyi is a URL shortener that pays you for your views. To start getting paid, you have to create an account and shrink a link. For every 1000 visits to your shortened URL, you will get up to $33! Your link can be placed wherever you want, like a forum or your website. We pay users every month via PayPal if you make above $5.00. Try it out by typing a link into the box above and pressing the fire icon. Once you are ready you can create an account and instantly start shrinking links and getting paid!

attract thousands to your site

For only $1, you can get 1,000 unique views to your site. After creating an account, you will be able to shrink links and create ad campaigns in the dashboard. When the campaign is running, your interstitial ad will be displayed on shortened URLs created by our users. Any views that don't match the conditions of the campaign ( view are not unique within 24 hours, from a untargeted demographic, or only having the page open for less than the 5 second timer ) will not be charged.

Introducing Lyt, the Discord bot

Lyt allows you to start accepting donations in your Discord within minutes. We currently accept Bitcoin and PayPal and have no hidden fees.

To start accepting donations in your Discord, click the invite link below

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Contact us at contact@lyt.fyi